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Our Mission!







Thunder Vette Set (TVS) was founded in mid-1985 and incorporated on January 31, 1986.  Our membership varies, but has remained generally steady at approximately 30-40 active members at any given time.  Recognizing that people enjoy different things, the leadership of TVS has created a dynamic environment that is suitable for everyone.  Members of TVS participate in car shows, rallye's, funkhana's, auto crosses, monthly drive & dine's, parades, and local homecoming events. 

Thunder Vette Set takes pride in our community.  Each year we host events to raise money for different not-for-profit organizations in Cochise County.  Members of TVS are called upon each year to support Veteran's Day & Christmas parades in the county.  In addition, we support the local high schools during their homecomings and parades. If you have an event that you would like TVS to support, please contact us.


Thunder Vette Set is a member of the National Council of Corvette Club (NCCC) Roadrunner Region.  Our membership in the Roadrunner Region connects us to about a dozen Corvette clubs in Arizona, New Mexico, & El Paso.  Our membership in the NCCC expands our network to the national level, which connects TVS to countless clubs all over the nation.  To show our support to other organizations members of TVS travel to events primarily within the Roadrunner Region.  Our members have also been known to participate in National caravans, as well as events put on by other regions in Las Vegas.  We truly have no limits to supporting our Corvette brethren. 

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