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Corvette Thunder 2020

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Corvette Thunder 2020:

During November 2020, the "Thunder Vette Set" Corvette Club (TVS) held "Corvette Thunder" in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Originally scheduled as a two-day event, Day 2 (Auto Cross at the Sierra Vista Airport) was cancelled due to scheduling/unforeseen events at the airport. Day 1 however was a great success with our annual "People's Choice Car Show" and "Game of Life Rally." This was followed that night with a small outdoor social and awards Presentation.

The car show featured Corvettes from all makes and models and also non-Corvette classics. All in attendance were also able to see two brand new 2020 C8 Corvettes (one in Elkhart Lake Blue and one in Black). What a thrill for all that were at the show.

The car show was a great success and ended up mid-day with the “Best of” car show winners being announced and presented their trophies by the "Thunder Vette Set" President, Bill Scott. The Corvette Class winners were announced and presented their trophies at the evening social which was held at/catered by the Urbano Coffee Company in Sierra Vista.

Corvette Thunder 2020 Car Show winners.

Class A – 1953-1982 Corvette 1st Place: Preston Tifft (TVS) 1963 Coupe 2nd Place: Dave Stickland (TVS) OldSchool Coupe 3rd Place: Tom & Liz Woods (TVS) 1966 Coupe

Class B – 1984-2004 Corvette 1st Place: Bill Scott (TVS) 1995 ZR-1 2nd Place: Stu & Jo Cannold (TVS) 1998 Pace Car Convertible (There were only two entries in this class!)

Class C – 2005-2020 Corvette 1st Place: Chad Blum (no club) 2020 C8 Coupe 2nd Place: John Delore (TVS) 2017 Coupe 3rd Place: Bill Scott (TVS) 2017 Grand Sport 4th Place: Mike Hill (no club) 2018 Carbon Edition Grand Sport

Class D – Non-Corvette 1st Place: John Durante - 1970 Challenger 2nd Place: Skip Owen – 1957 Olds 3rd Place: Chet & Nancy Allen – 1931 Ford Town Sedan

Best of Show: John Durante – 1970 Challenger

Best Paint: Preston Tifft – 1963 Corvette Coupe

Best Interior: Skip Owen – 1957 Olds

Best Engine: Eric Brown – 2017 Ford Shelby GT500

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